Why Hello Little House?

At the beginning of 2012 our family moved from the largest house we had ever lived in, to the smallest.  In this little house there was no spare room, no study or office, no play room, no linen cupboard, no laundry room and no built-in wardrobes.  Yikes!

Rather than focus on what we didn’t have, I decided to get creative and organised and embrace this small space.  In fact it was this little pantry makeover that planted the seed for this blog.

Pantry makeover shelf after
We’ve since left our little house behind and found a place with a little more elbow room.  Yes, I should probably change the name of my blog but I figure that I’m still going to be cooking, organising and creating with all of the same enthusiasm that I was before.  So Hello Little House is here to stay!

While some of my ideas are uniquely my own, I have been gathering inspiration from magazines, the Internet and friends for years.  More recently I’ve been sucked into the black hole of time called Pinterest.  If you’re on it, you know what I’m talking about…

I hope you’ll join me as I attempt to share some of my inspirations on this little blog of mine.

Natalie  xx