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Lemon drop biscuits

I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly crumbly and buttery these little lemon drops were.  And when I say crumbly, I mean that you should eat them with a dust buster within easy reach.  The just melt away on your tongue and even the men in the house (big and little) were knocking these […]

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Slow cooker lemon & blueberry blondies

Day 22 Stop everything!  This could very well be my favourite slow cooker recipe of all time.  The flavour of these lemon and blueberry blondies blew me away.  I left them in the slow cooker while I went down the street and when I came home 2 hours later I was greeted by these beautifully […]

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Recipe love : sweet & savoury lemons

If you’ve been following my blog these last few weeks, you’d know that the flourishing lemon and mandarin trees in our backyard have me going a little citrus crazy.  I will never get through the dozens of lemon recipes that I would like to try this season, so I’ve got some recipe love for sweet […]

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Lemon crumb bites

Okay, so I know I’ve been a little bit citrus crazy lately (here and here), but it comes from a genuine need to use up some of the dozens of lemons we have ripening in our backyard. Besides, who wouldn’t love little bites of brown sugar and rolled oat crumbs, with condensed milk and lemon […]

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Inspired by

… all things citrus.  We have a lemon and a mandarin tree in our backyard and their limbs are drooping under the weight of ripening fruit.  My tastebuds are tingling at the thought of tangy lemon tarts and drizzle cakes.  Yum! Get your citrus on too and visit my ‘all things citrus’ Pinterest board!

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