Recipe love

I love to collect recipes.  I have hundreds of them tagged in recipe books, bookmarked on the computer, filed in recipe folders.  I collect them like some people might collect stamps (each to their own!?).

It’s pretty clear though that even if I cooked, photographed and blogged three meals a day for the next 2 years I still wouldn’t get through them all.  Not to mention all the new recipes I keep adding to the pile.  So I thought I would share the recipe love with links through to my latest & favourite finds.

Some I’ve tried, some I haven’t, some are just here to inspire…


Beef mince


Sweet & savoury lemons

Ginger ninja

White chocolate

Cooked chicken

Birthday cake

Warm salads


Christmas cookies


Paleo / Primal dinners

Sweet & savoury coconut

Basil pesto