60 day challenge : 49 days

60 day challenge sugar free grain free paleo weekly update 49 days

On the main page of this 60 day challenge I’ve given you links to the various websites I’ve used for information, recipes and encouragement during this Paleo / Primal experiment.  But I thought I should turn the spotlight to my go-to Paleo / Primal library – the books that have really shaped the way I’ve thought about food during the challenge and also in the months leading up to it.

Paleo & primal library v1 - Hello Little House

The Primal Blueprint – Mark Sisson
The first Paleo-ish book I read and the one that I’m most aligned with in my food thinking.  I stumbled upon Mark’s website some time ago (Mark’s Daily Apple) and I really like the way this man thinks and lives.

It Starts With Food – Dallas & Melissa Hartwig
I loved this book.  Easy to follow and a great chapter breakdown of the different food groups.  The chapter ‘the guts of the matter’ was an interesting read too.

I Quit Sugar – Sarah Wilson
I’m a big fan of Sarah’s website and ebooks, so the printed version of her sugar free book was always going to end up on my bookshelf.

Make It Paleo – Bill Staley & Hayley Mason
My favourite Paleo recipe book.  Nothing too complicated or fancy-schmancy.  Just my kind of simple cooking.

Practical Paleo – Diane Sanfilippo
This isn’t just a recipe book but a comprehensive guide to following Paleo.  A beautiful book and a lot of great recipes too.

OMG! I Can Eat That? and Fabulous Food Minus the Boombah – Jane Kennedy
While not officially Paleo or Primal, Jane Kennedy’s recipes follow the same principals.  I’ve been a big fan of her books for a long time and I love that they’re still relevant while I’m practicing Paleo.

Paleo & primal library v2 - Hello Little House

I have a serious weakness for books.  I fantasise about living in a house with a dedicated study or library one day and my addiction to fishpond.com means that I’m well on my way to filling those library shelves.  If you haven’t stumbled across this little gem of a website, be warned.  Within seconds you can search for a book, hit checkout and wait for the parcel to arrive.  Free shipping too!  Very dangerous for us book lovers.

The challenge end is in sight – 11 days to go Paleo peeps!

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Recipe love : Basil pesto

If you haven’t tried homemade Pesto before, you should know that it’s a really simple recipe to make and tastes so much better than the bought stuff.  And once you have a supply in the fridge there are dozens of ways to use it.  So today’s Recipe Love is all about basil pesto and how […]

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60 day challenge : 42 days

Today marks the day that my 60 day challenge would have officially ended if I didn’t take a 2 week pause due to illness.  So as of today I’ve got 14 days to go! I’ve actually found it really hard to focus on my food this week.  For example, it turns out that my foot […]

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Death by chocolate cake

I thought I would revisit the very chocolaty birthday cake I mentioned briefly in one of my 60 day challenge updates.  Like I said in that post, this was probably the most decadent birthday cake I’ve ever made, so ‘death by chocolate cake’ seemed like an appropriate name. The inspiration came from Pinterest (of course!) […]

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In the Neff Kitchen

A wonderful opportunity was presented to me recently by the Neff Kitchen Australia to do  some food styling and photography sessions in their Fitzroy studio.  As you can imagine I was a bundle of nerves before I arrived, but the Neff team was so welcoming and it was such a great atmosphere that it didn’t […]

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60 day challenge : a little time out

Call off the search party!  I’m no longer missing in action.  I know it’s been a while since my last post but I have very good reason.  Let’s just say that the last 2 weeks have been a combination of incredible highs and significant lows.  The high points?  Attending my first paid gig as a […]

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My favourite things

Sometimes it’s the material things in life that bring a little joy to our lives.  Shallow yes, but true none-the-less.  Here’s what I’m loving right now : 1.  Breville Quiet Boil Kettle It might seem a little strange to love a kettle, but in this little house of mine boiling the kettle early in the […]

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60 day challenge : 35 days

I ate chocolate cake.  Twice. And do I regret it?  Absolutely not. The first time I ate cake was while my two boys helped me make my husband’s 40th birthday cake.  They squealed with excitement in the kitchen as they licked spoonfuls of whipped, buttery, chocolate icing.  So I did what any self-respecting, life-loving mother […]

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Organising kids clothes

I’m lucky with 2 boys in the house that I can recycle clothes from one child to the other.  But with 2 years between them there’s a short delay between Charlie growing out of the clothes and Harrison being big enough to wear them.  This means there is a constant clothes shuffle – they come […]

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Low carb tuna bake

I absolutely loved this.  Really. If you’re not a fan of tuna you’re probably turning away in disgust right now, but if you don’t mind the fishy stuff then you’ll love this too.  I’ve had this recipe in my ‘to try’ pile for a very long time and now I wish I had made it […]

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