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Recipe love : Basil pesto

If you haven’t tried homemade Pesto before, you should know that it’s a really simple recipe to make and tastes so much better than the bought stuff.  And once you have a supply in the fridge there are dozens of ways to use it.  So today’s Recipe Love is all about basil pesto and how […]

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Recipe love : sweet & savoury coconut

I love coconut and my most favourite way to eat it is freshly cut in big, juicy chunks.  Coconut has an extensive list of healing properties, but most importantly it’s a natural cleanser for our stomachs and therefore very helpful for the digestion issues I’ve been having.  I tend to buy lots of fresh coconuts, […]

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Recipe love : Paleo / Primal dinners

I’ve been surprised by how many recipes that I’m naturally drawn to are actually Paleo/Primal friendly anyway, and those that aren’t only need an ingredient or two tweaked or omitted to make them perfectly Paleo/Primal.  Only one problem now though – I think my pile of ‘recipes to try’ is becoming ridiculous and I’m never […]

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Recipe love : cocktails

It’s that time of year – Christmas parties & catch-ups are filling the calendar and we’re all probably enjoying an extra tipple or two.  I’m a bit fussy when it comes to alcoholic drinks and I really don’t have a ‘go to’ favourite but considering I’m well clear of the pregnancy and breastfeeding dry spell, […]

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Recipe love : Christmas cookies

I’m well and truly in the Christmas spirit now.  The tree is up, the nativity scene is set and I’m looking forward to the boys starting the advent calendar this weekend (which might alleviate some of the ‘when is Santa coming?’ questions…). I have a fantasy that one year I’ll be baking homemade cookies decorated […]

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Recipe love : blueberries

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared the recipe love (my slow cooker is completely to blame!), but I’m always on the look out for new recipes to drool over.  Today I’m sharing blueberries in all their sweet glory.   Blueberries have been on special this last week so we’re enjoying them in record quantities.  […]

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Recipe love : homemade dips

I haven’t made a homemade dip in ages, so I’m on the scout for a new recipe.  Some of these look amazing and might make an appearance on the dinner menu next week.  Dip for dinner is perfectly acceptable, right? 1. Mexican layer dip – Pioneer Woman   2. Perfect guacamole – Simply recipes   […]

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Recipe love : warm salads

Melbourne’s weather is teasing us with just a hint of warmth, but it’s still too cold for me to fully embrace Summer salads just yet.  So until we’re blessed with full Summer sun, these 10 warm salads will help to fill the salad spot… 1. Brown rice and roast pumpkin salad –   2. […]

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Recipe love : birthday cake

Another birthday is barrelling down on me, so I’m putting together a birthday cake wish list that I can pass on to hubby.  Some of them might be wishful thinking, but it’s worth a try! 1. Reese’s peanut butter cup cake If my husband knows me at all, I shouldn’t even have to ask for […]

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Recipe love : cooked chicken

There’s nothing quite like grabbing a cooked chook while you’re doing your grocery shopping and knowing that dinner is taken care of.  Sure, you can throw some potato wedges in the oven and call it a meal (I do…), but if you’re feeling a little more energetic here’s a few ideas: 1.  Asian chicken coleslaw […]

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