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Kettle clean

[ Photo source here ] The last time I took a good look at the inside of my kettle was probably (more than) a few years ago when I removed the packaging to use it for the first time.  How dirty can a kettle get anyway?  It boils water so it’s self cleaning, right?  Um, […]

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A taxing time

For some, this time of year means a mad scramble for tax receipts and PAYG statements – working up a sweat rummaging through filing cabinets, the bottom of handbags, the car.  Where did those receipts go?  Keeping track of your tax receipts doesn’t have to be complicated though. A quick look at my system for […]

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Outward order for my inner peace

I’ve always suspected it, but now that I’m a stay at home mum I am completely convinced that there is a direct link between the state of my house and the state of my mind.  Clear kitchen benches, washing put away, bills paid, paperwork filed and it’s like I just stepped off a plane from […]

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Moving house box register

At this point I don’t think I need to emphasise how much of a nightmare moving house can be.  If you’ve done it at least once I’m sure you can completely relate.  As I’ve mentioned before, our most recent move involved packing up the biggest house we’ve ever lived in and unpacking the boxes into […]

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My little pantry makeover

A little house  =  a little kitchen  =  a little pantry  =  no room for being disorganised. But disorganised I was!  I just couldn’t get my cooking mojo on in this new house and I suspected that my chaotic pantry was the culprit.  I had been so busy unpacking the rest of the house that […]

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A cup of savings

This doesn’t look like $63, does it?  I promise it is.  And I can say with confidence that I haven’t missed this money at all. We’ve had our chicken coop savings cup going for just over a month now and we’re halfway towards our goal.  Sure, we could have just found the money to pay […]

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