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Breaking, entering & learning…

Not quite 2 years ago I left the house for 20 minutes and came home to find the place ransacked and most of our valuables gone.  Thankfully my sons and I were safe and we didn’t meet the burglar on his way out the door, but it was only after this happened that I realised […]

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The brain dump list

Meet my ultimate stress relief and brain saver.  The brain dump list.  We’ve all been there – you’re treading water and feel like you’re about to drown in the hundreds of things that are weighing on your mind.  At night, you lie awake listening to a brain that won’t stop buzzing and wonder if you’ll […]

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Organising kids clothes

I’m lucky with 2 boys in the house that I can recycle clothes from one child to the other.  But with 2 years between them there’s a short delay between Charlie growing out of the clothes and Harrison being big enough to wear them.  This means there is a constant clothes shuffle – they come […]

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Snacks on a plane

Do you see what I did there?  Not Snakes on a Plane with Samuel L. Jackson.  Snacks on a Plane with Hello Little House! Anyway, I thought it was funny at the time… This last weekend we flew up to Queensland for a mini break and it was the first time we’ve all been on […]

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Giant drawstring Lego mat

All the memories I have of my brother’s LEGO growing up include the drawstring LEGO mat that was always spread out on the floor of his bedroom.  Ok, so he didn’t have a crazy haircut like that or wear funky, beige overalls but his LEGO mat was just the same… [ source ] When we […]

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Lunch planning : salad in a jar

Happy New Year! I knew from the moment I set out on this 60 day challenge that the only way to succeed was to be completely organised in my meal planning and to always be thinking at least one meal ahead.  The problem for me in the past has been that most days I’m at […]

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To-do list for 2013 & no ice-cream…

2013 to-do list I’ve never considered myself a goal-setter until about 2 years ago when I realised that I always end up with some kind of to-do list for the year ahead.  I don’t call them goals because they’re not particularly life changing, but just a few bits and pieces I’d like to accomplish during […]

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All the little things

Even though it’s September and we’re starting to see hints of warmer weather, I haven’t been too focused on a Spring cleaning schedule – mainly because I feel like I haven’t stopped unpacking, reorganising and cleaning since we moved in 6 months ago! There was, however, a long list of little things I have been […]

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Forget-me-not organiser

I’ve been uncharacteristically forgetful lately – late payment of bills, misplacing important papers, forgetting to post our Quickflix DVDs(gasp!).  My husband says it’s a sign that I’m trying to juggle too many things at the moment and it pains me to say that he might be right.  But my reluctance to let any of my […]

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Current style… blaaagh

Our main bedroom desperately needs a makeover.  I mean desperately.  It seems to have made the transition from ‘peaceful sanctuary’ to ‘dumping ground for house overflow’.  There’s too little storage, we’re not utilising the space we have and it needs a large dose of creativity and personality. If I could sum up its current style […]

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