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Shaun the sheep party!

Look who came to visit this weekend!  It’s Shaun the sheep (da, da-da, da), it’s Shaun the sheep (da, da-da, da)… Birthday parties for the boys are so much fun but sometimes there’s a fine line between getting creative with party cakes and decorations and feeling like the party is just one big birthday burden. […]

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Tea with a little love

I don’t like to buy cards – birthday, get well soon, thank you etc.  They seem like such a lot of money for something that someone else has put so much thought into.  I do love handmade cards though and I especially love little handmade gifts that say the same thing that a store bought […]

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Simple framed to do list

I’m all about making a list, so when I saw this on Pinterest I thought it would be perfect for on top of my new shoe storage cupboard in our front entryway.  It literally took 5 minutes to put together and I love that I’m putting some of my ‘feeling a little crafty’ Pinterest pins […]

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Simple no-cook playdough

My boys are pretty typical and spend most of their time in the backyard digging holes, collecting sticks and looking for creepy crawlies.  But even my fearless little men are a bit tired of the Winter wind and rain.  So we’re playing inside today. [ Print this recipe ]

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Homemade gift for new mums

When I was a new mum, those first few days / weeks / months were a total blur – 3 hourly feeds, endless nappy changes, the sleep deprivation, never-ending housework… the list continues. One thing I remember clearly though is how much I appreciated the homemade meals that were given to us by family and […]

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