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Death by chocolate cake

I thought I would revisit the very chocolaty birthday cake I mentioned briefly in one of my 60 day challenge updates.  Like I said in that post, this was probably the most decadent birthday cake I’ve ever made, so ‘death by chocolate cake’ seemed like an appropriate name. The inspiration came from Pinterest (of course!) […]

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Giant drawstring Lego mat

All the memories I have of my brother’s LEGO growing up include the drawstring LEGO mat that was always spread out on the floor of his bedroom.  Ok, so he didn’t have a crazy haircut like that or wear funky, beige overalls but his LEGO mat was just the same… [ source ] When we […]

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Matchbox advent calendar

I’ve never had an advent calendar before.  Maybe, just maybe, one year I might have had one of those novelty chocolate calendars you buy at the supermarket, but advent calendars just weren’t a part of our Christmas tradition growing up.  Now that I have my own kids and we’re asked a dozen times a week […]

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Treasure chest birthday cake

Ahoy there me hearties! A little pirate in our house turned 4 last week and requested a pirate treasure chest for a birthday cake.  The pillaging pirate was pretty happy with the end result and I swear there’s still a few gold coins hidden in his bedroom. Now, whenever you make a birthday cake what […]

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Easy edible gifts for Christmas

A homemade gift is always a great idea and it doesn’t have to be complicated and stressful.  Here’s a step by step guide and some of my favourite recipes for gift giving… Step one : choose a simple recipe (see below!) Step two : bake, cook etc. Step three : use a Christmas tin (great […]

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Handmade Christmas inspiration

It’s about this time of year that I realise I’m not going to get all of my Christmas craft aspirations completed in time and I should have started back in July.  There’s still a little time left and I’m hoping to complete a few simple projects, but in the meantime I’ll continue to Pin and […]

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Make a long list…

I love to make a list (it’s even in my 10 things about me!) and normally I just scribble it down on anything that’s handy – used envelopes, scraps of paper, the back of shopping receipts, my hand etc.  I’m not fussy.  But when I saw this little idea on Pinterest I knew it was […]

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My boys love sticks

I’m sure visitors to our house over the last month would have been wondering why there was a pile of sticks sitting near our front door.  To anyone else they would have looked like good fire starters, but I had another idea… My life revolves around sticks With 2 boys in the house my life […]

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Fabric bunting flags

It’s been about 10 years since I’ve attempted a sewing project.  Actually I’m struggling to remember sewing something I finished and actually liked… ever. So imagine my surprise when these fabric bunting flags for the boys room turned out perfectly!  And I did it all by myself!  I’m in genuine shock.  I didn’t even have […]

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Forget-me-not organiser

I’ve been uncharacteristically forgetful lately – late payment of bills, misplacing important papers, forgetting to post our Quickflix DVDs(gasp!).  My husband says it’s a sign that I’m trying to juggle too many things at the moment and it pains me to say that he might be right.  But my reluctance to let any of my […]

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