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60 day challenge : 14 day recap

I feel like I’ve had a pretty good week.  Surprisingly (for me) I haven’t given into temptation even in the most tempting of situations.  It probably helps that I really believe in the principles of Paleo and Primal lifestyles and really want to give this challenge a red hot go. During the week though I […]

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60 day challenge : 7 day recap

Well I got through 7 days and I’m still kickin’.  Not that I thought this challenge was going to be the death of me, but I knew it was going to be a tough 7 days.  The first few days I was like a bear with a sore head and I feel sorry for anyone […]

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Broccoli & bacon salad

This salad was perfect. After finishing my Salad in a Jar lunches, I was looking for something a little different that would still satisfy my salad-crunch craving, and this hit the spot.  Broccoli is actually one of my favourite vegetables but I’ve never really enjoyed it raw until now.  This salad was the perfect blend […]

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Recipe love : Paleo / Primal dinners

I’ve been surprised by how many recipes that I’m naturally drawn to are actually Paleo/Primal friendly anyway, and those that aren’t only need an ingredient or two tweaked or omitted to make them perfectly Paleo/Primal.  Only one problem now though – I think my pile of ‘recipes to try’ is becoming ridiculous and I’m never […]

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Lunch planning : salad in a jar

Happy New Year! I knew from the moment I set out on this 60 day challenge that the only way to succeed was to be completely organised in my meal planning and to always be thinking at least one meal ahead.  The problem for me in the past has been that most days I’m at […]

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60 day challenge : getting ready!

Number 4 on my to-do list for 2013 was a 60 day health challenge.  So here it is! If you would like to follow along you can pop over to my dedicated 60 day challenge page and read the ‘why on earth…?’ and the ‘what exactly am I doing?’.  I’ll also be sharing a weekly […]

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