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Behind the scenes

This was the scene in my kitchen for some days of the challenge.  I wanted to stay at least a few days ahead of schedule to allow for failures (see below) and lousy photography conditions.  I borrowed this George Foreman slow cooker from a friend so I could ‘catch up’ when I needed to.  In […]

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Slow cooker stuffed pumpkin

Day 31 Happy Halloween!  Even though we don’t really celebrate Halloween in Australia, I still thought it would be nice to get in the spirit and save my slow cooker stuffed pumpkin especially for this occasion. Originally a Jamie Oliver recipe, I’ve made this many times before but this is the first time I added […]

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Slow cooker shredded taco beef

Day 30 I love shredded beef and it makes a great change from mince for tacos and nachos.  But the real star of this meal is the homemade taco seasoning.  If you’ve never made it yourself before you really should give it a try.  It’s better than the bought stuff and dead easy to make.  […]

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Slow cooker baked apples

Day 29 These are like little apple crumbles that slowly bubble and soften into a delicious dessert.  With the ratio of apple and crumble skewed towards the apple, you could almost say that they’re healthy.  How does the saying go?  An apple a day… [ Print this recipe ]

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Slow cooker Bombay potatoes

Day 28 These are fierce little potatoes that will clear your sinus in a flash.  If you don’t like a lot of heat I would recommend lightening up the amount of chilli (just a little).  I served mine with a dollop of Greek yoghurt and they were beautiful. I was lucky enough to have my […]

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Slow cooker parmesan garlic chicken

Day 27 This is a really nice chicken recipe with heaps of flavour that can be used so many different ways.  I decided to shred it through a warm pearl couscous salad and it was fantastic.  Hubby went back for seconds and the little balls of couscous were a thrill for the boys. I had […]

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Slow cooker granola

Day 26 The photo says it all – I’ve got a whole lotta love for this granola.  At one point I was actually eating it from the slow cooker with a spoon before it had finished cooking. You can eat it as a trail mix-type snack, have it with yoghurt, with milk or even ice-cream […]

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Slow cooker pesto salmon parcels

Day 25 I was a little hesitant to add this recipe to the list.  Not because it’s a particularly unattractive dish (it really is) but because it didn’t take very long to cook so technically couldn’t be classified as ‘slow cooking’.  I decided to include it anyway because it shows that there can be more […]

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Slow cooker red wine & maple lamb shanks

Day 24 We’ve been enjoying this meal in the slow cooker for a very long time and my husband can smell it from a mile away.  The red wine & maple gravy in this dish is amazing served over a pile of mash.  Even our dog is partial to a sneaky spoonful over his dry […]

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Slow cooker chicken tikka masala

Day 23 I really enjoy Indian food and loved the flavours of garam masala, tomatoes and yoghurt in this dish.  This was also really popular with the boys and my 4yo shouted ‘this is good chicken!’ in the middle of dinner.  I love how adventurous their little tastebuds can be – it’s always surprising. The […]

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