31 days of slow cooker recipes

I love my slow cooker.  In fact it would be my most valued item in the kitchen and I use it at least once a week – Summer or Winter, rain or shine.

There are hundreds of great slow cooker recipes out there and over these 31 days I’ve tried to put together a collection that has a little bit of something for everyone – meat, chicken, vegetarian and of course, sweet.  If you’ve never really used your slow cooker, or even if you’re already a big fan, I hope you find a few new recipes to try.

Why no pre-mixes or tins of condensed soup?  I’m sure there are some great recipes that include these ingredients, but I don’t use packet mixes or condensed soups when I cook for my family so these are the recipes I wanted to showcase.  All of these recipes have been tested, tasted and given the tick of approval by my family.  Recipe credit has also been given where it’s due.

I use a 5-litre Breville Avance Meal Maker slow cooker that includes a warm, low and high setting.  If you are using a different brand or model of slower cooker you may have to adjust the cooking times slightly.  If the recipe doesn’t quite work the first time, please give it another try and make cooking time &/or seasoning adjustments as you need to.

Remember, recipes are an individual thing – make it your own!

PS. This 31 day challenge is part of The Nester’s link party – click here to see the hundreds of participants from around the world.  Very inspiring!


Before we begin : Slow cooker tips & tricks

Day 1 : Slow cooker baked potato

Day 2 : Slow cooker beer chicken

Day 3 : Slow cooker chocolate lava cake

Day 4 : Slow cooker corned beef (silverside)

Day 5 : Slow cooker stuffed Mexican bell peppers (capsicums)

Day 6 : Slow cooker corn cobs with Cajun spice

Day 7 : Slow cooker whole chicken

Day 8 : Slow cooker meatloaf

Day 9 : Slow cooker raspberry coulis

Day 10 : Slow cooker sweet potato & lentil curry

Day 11 : Slow cooker beef casserole

Day 12 : Slow cooker pea & ham soup

Day 13 : Slow cooker caramelised onion dip

Day 14 : Slow cooker spinach & ricotta lasagne

Day 15 : Slow cooker Mongolian beef

Day 16 : Slow cooker meatballs

Day 17 : Slow cooker pineapple chicken

Day 18 : Slow cooker coconut beef

Day 19 : Slow cooker maple & brown sugar overnight oats

Day 20 : Slow cooker chicken, leek & mushroom casserole

Day 21 : Slow cooker lamb roast

Day 22 : Slow cooker lemon & blueberry blondies

Day 23 : Slow cooker chicken tikka masala

Day 24 : Slow cooker red wine & maple lamb shanks

Day 25 : Slow cooker pesto salmon parcels

Day 26 : Slow cooker granola

Day 27 : Slow cooker parmesan garlic chicken

Day 28 : Slow cooker Bombay potatoes

Day 29 : Slow cooker baked apples

Day 30 : Slow cooker shredded taco beef

Day 31 : Slow cooker stuffed pumpkin

Behind the scenes