Tea of the month : January

Tea of the month January 2013

I thought it would be fitting to focus on a cool, refreshing (unsweetened) iced tea for this month considering we’re in the middle of a heat wave here in Melbourne.

This is T2’s Southern Sunrise loose leaf fruit tisane and it is my most favourite tea so far.  The flavour comes from dried apple pieces, white hibiscus flowers, blackberry leaves & grapefruit peels.  Divine!

I’m hyperventilating a little now though because I was searching for this tea in T2’s online store (to restock) but unfortunately I couldn’t find it.  It was still available in-store before Christmas and I’ve also seen it for sale in Thomas Dux.  After trawling the Internet I’ve discovered that it was a special edition tea for Christmas and it was so popular that they’re looking to add it to their permanent range.  I hope that’s soon rather than later!  In the meantime T2 have a Citrus Punch available online which sounds quite similar and might be a suitable (temporary) replacement.

I serve my Southern Sunrise with sliced apple, lemon and ice and without any additional sweetener.  It’s beautifully refreshing and perfect for hot days.  It was also my non-alcoholic drink of choice with Christmas lunch.  Cheers!  To brew I’m using one of T2’s tea jugs and it’s become a permanent feature in our fridge.

Being a tea, of course I had to have it hot too.  Yep, it’s just as beautifully citrus and sweet.

I’ll be prowling the shops and next time I see Southern Sunrise I’m buying it on the spot!

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