Snacks on a plane

Snacks on a plane - Hello Little House

Do you see what I did there?  Not Snakes on a Plane with Samuel L. Jackson.  Snacks on a Plane with Hello Little House!

Anyway, I thought it was funny at the time…

This last weekend we flew up to Queensland for a mini break and it was the first time we’ve all been on a plane together in 2 years.  Very exciting!  Travelling with kids can be a little tricky but the boys were brilliant.  I’m already looking forward to the next trip.

About those snakes snacks…

I always try to avoid buying food at the airport (way too expensive!) so I was always going to pack a bag of snacks for the trip.  My 60 day challenge was an added incentive to be extra organised though – the last thing I wanted was a lack of food choices to be an excuse to let the challenge slip.

Our very early morning flight meant that there was no time for breakfast before we left the house and I knew the airport wouldn’t provide a lot of options.  We also had a busy day ahead of us as soon as we landed in Queensland so I wanted enough food to get us through most of the day. 

I took a little cooler bag with a cold brick as hand luggage on the plane and it kept everything beautifully cool until the early afternoon.

Here’s what I packed:

– Dried fruit (sultanas & apricots)
– Nuts (macadamias & tamari almonds)
– Cherry tomatoes
– Cucumbers
– Kalamata olives
My fruit & nut balls (I used prunes & skipped the honey)
– Rice wheels (for the boys)
– Cold gluten free sausages (we all love these!)
– Vegemite sandwiches (not pictured)

What did we eat?

I can tell you that there wasn’t much left by the end of the day.  The dried fruit wasn’t very popular but everything else was slowly nibbled away over the course of the day and long weekend.

I had a sobering moment on the plane when the meals were served and there wasn’t a single thing on the tray that I could eat – muesli, milk, orange juice & a banana muffin.  This is where the cooler bag came in very handy and I enjoyed a sausage or two and cucumber for breakfast instead.  I felt like a bit of a bag lady rummaging through my cooler bag, but no one cared or even noticed.

Budget bonus

This was such an economical way to manage our food.  I also carried a water bottle with me so we successfully avoided purchasing anything on our travels.  We grazed from the cooler bag throughout the morning and even lunch time and saved ourselves quite a bit of money.  For the trip home I filled the cooler bag again with much of the same (but no sausages) and again it served us very well for the day.   

We have a long car trip coming up in the next month or so and I’m already thinking about what I can add to the cooler bag.  It was well worth the effort!

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