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Recipe love

I’ve been surprised by how many recipes that I’m naturally drawn to are actually Paleo/Primal friendly anyway, and those that aren’t only need an ingredient or two tweaked or omitted to make them perfectly Paleo/Primal.  Only one problem now though – I think my pile of ‘recipes to try’ is becoming ridiculous and I’m never going to get through them all!

Even if you’re not following my 60 day challenge, I’m sure there are still a few meal ideas that will catch your appetite eye.

1.  Greek lamb with baked ricotta –

I’m cooking this recipe soon rather than later.  I’m particularly interested in the baked ricotta pots with tomato.  They sound amazing and perfect for this Paleo / Primal challenge.



2.  Chicken with bacon, mushroom & cheese – Juju Good News

I would have to skip the honey mustard marinade, but I love the idea of the bacon, mushrooms & 2 cheeses.  I’ve seen this recipe a lot on Pinterest and I’m not surprised – it looks delicious!



3.  Hawaiian chicken skewers – The Food Lovers Kitchen

I’ve tried a similar version of this recipe before and my boys loved it. 



4.  Moroccan prawns with spinach – Fitness Magazine

These little prawn parcels are great for throwing on the BBQ.



5.  Cajun chicken w. avocado, lime & chilli salsa –

All of those flavours thrown together sound pretty darn good! 



6.  Phenomenal grilled green chicken – Nom Nom Paleo

I’m putting this on the menu immediately.  I don’t like drumsticks but love the idea of green chicken thighs on the BBQ.



7.  Almond arugula salad w. lemon vinaigrette – 17 Recipes

A really simple salad and I’m sure I would love that lemon vinaigrette.  I might throw it on my Paleo salad in a jar today!



8.  Grilled salmon with lemon-herb butter – Tablespoon

I need to make the effort to eat more fish & salmon for dinner and this recipe looks like a pretty good place to start.



9.  Snow pea, prawn & avocado salad –

My favourite way to eat prawns is fresh and cold.  A great salad idea.



10.  Grilled chicken parmesan – The Healthy Foodie

I looove chicken parmesan and this is a really simple idea for a weekday meal.



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