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Drawstring lego mat & batman @ Hello Little House

All the memories I have of my brother’s LEGO growing up include the drawstring LEGO mat that was always spread out on the floor of his bedroom.  Ok, so he didn’t have a crazy haircut like that or wear funky, beige overalls but his LEGO mat was just the same…

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When we decided to give our boys their first LEGO this last Christmas, I knew the only way to keep it altogether and out of the path of the vacuum was to give the boys a drawstring LEGO mat too.  Similar mats I found online were too small or made from a very lightweight fabric so I decided to have a go at sewing my own giant drawstring LEGO mat.  Having only recently completed my first successful sewing project it was a big risk, but I have to say it worked out brilliantly and it’s doing a great job of organising all of our new LEGO.

The LEGO is stored in the mat permanently so that when the boys want to play we just flatten out the mat on the lounge room floor.  They know to keep the LEGO on the mat while they play (well, most of the LEGO…), then once play time is over we shuffle any stray pieces back into the middle, grab the cord on two sides and…. scoop!

Drawstring lego mat easy to use @ Hello Little House

This giant mat measures 140cm in diameter which is big enough for both boys to have their own space on either side… and out of fighting distance!  The large size is a really important part of the mat because if they didn’t have space to play then all the LEGO would be dragged onto the carpet anyway.

Drawstring lego mat details @ Hello Little House

Here are some basic instructions for you :

  • Cut 2 circles as wide as your fabric will allow.  You can Google different ways to make an even circle.  I folded the fabric into quarters then used a piece of string tied to a fabric pencil to make an arc.
  • With right sides together, sew around the edge of the 2 circles leaving a gap of about 10cm so you can turn the circles back the right way.
  • Once you’ve turned them around the right way, sew 2 lines of stitching around the edge of the mat – one very close to the edge, the other about 4-5cm in.
  • Using an eyelet punch, place eyelets an equal distance apart around the edge of the mat (in between the 2 rows of stitching).  Eyelet punches are available at most hardware or camping stores.  A word of warning – you get what you pay for so get the best that you can afford.  Alternatively, some canvas shops will do this for you for a small fee.
  • Thread cord through the eyelets and tie a knot to secure, making sure the cord is long enough so that when the mat is spread out flat, the cord doesn’t gather and buckle the mat.

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How ever you store your LEGO, be sure to keep your miniature friends safe!

R2D2 & C3PO @ Hello Little House

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