Chia, coconut & spinach smoothie

Chia coconut & spinach smoothie - hello little house


Green spinach might not sound like your ideal smoothie flavour, but between the coconut milk and the vanilla you won’t even be thinking about the spinach.

I’ve been eating chia seeds for a while now but if they’re a new food for you the texture of the wet seeds might take a little getting used to.  They turn into a slimy, gooey gel.  They’re well worth the effort though – high in protein, calcium, omega 3 and packed full of antioxidants.  And that’s just the beginning!

You don’t have to make a special trip to the health food shop either – they’re very ‘fashionable’ at the moment and you can find them in all the major supermarkets.

Click here for some more chia recipe inspiration.

PS. Check your teeth for chia seeds!  There’s always one sneaky seed that wants to hang around in your front teeth.

Chia coconut & spinach smoothie recipe

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