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I don’t think I can recall a time in my life where I came home from a holiday feeling lighter and healthier for it.  Usually holidays are a time for me to let loose and over indulge, but not this time.  I can say with confidence that even through 4 flights, multiple family gatherings, extraordinarily long days and the constant temptation of all things ‘non-challenge’, I kept committed.  Sure there were times where I had to stop myself from automatically popping something in my mouth, but I stayed focused and came through it.

Organising my snacks for the plane helped plus we did a grocery shop on the first day of the holiday and cooked at home most of the time (our apartment had a kitchen).  This meant I could avoid situations where I was unprepared for meals.

So how am I feeling this far into the challenge?  Pretty good at this stage.

Biggest challenges this week?

The travelling as I’ve mentioned, but also constantly having to think about what I’m eating.  This trip was tiring and it takes that bit of extra effort to stay on top of my food choices and not default to the easiest option.

Food journal & new recipes

The best meal I ate the whole time I was away was crispy skinned Atlantic salmon on the BBQ.  My brother & his wife eat it all the time but I’ve never been very confident cooking fish and seafood.  After seeing how easy it was to prepare and how incredible it tasted with my sister-in-law’s Paleo Asian coleslaw, I’ve made myself a promise to cook my own BBQ salmon this week.  In fact I want to focus on eating a lot more fresh fish and tinned tuna as I feel like I’m a little meat heavy at the moment.

I’ve added a list of my favourite Paleo / Primal / sugar free / grain free recipe websites to my 60 day challenge page.  This list is a great resource if you’re looking for recipe inspiration and I’ll continue to add to it throughout the challenge.

Foods marked with an (*) in the food journal are included in the ‘recipe links and more info’ section at the bottom of my 60 day challenge page.

Challenge 21 day recap food journal


On Pinterest?  I’ve been busy pinning new recipes to my Paleo : Primal Pinterest board.  You can follow it here.


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