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I feel like I’ve had a pretty good week.  Surprisingly (for me) I haven’t given into temptation even in the most tempting of situations.  It probably helps that I really believe in the principles of Paleo and Primal lifestyles and really want to give this challenge a red hot go.

During the week though I did recognise that there’s a few things I need to tweak.  One of the differing factors between Paleo and Primal lifestyles is that some Primal eaters include limited quantities of select dairy into their diet.  I guess the bit I skimmed over was the ‘limited quantities’.  I feel like I’ve been using dairy as a bit of a crutch and indulging above and beyond.  A splash of cream in my omelettes (which I stopped earlier this week), fetta in my salads, cottage cheese with my coconut pancakes, tangy mayonnaise dressing (which I looove), a slice of cheddar as a snack.  Each of them on their own is perfectly acceptable, but all together?  Way too much.  So over this next week I’ll be scaling back my dairy dependence and aiming for a few dairy free days.

Biggest challenges this week?

I’ve had to be very mindful of my eating habits.  For example, not picking food off the boys unfinished plates or absentmindedly popping food in my mouth when I’m preparing snacks for the boys.  I haven’t had a slip, but I’ve had to catch myself a couple of times.

Food journal & new recipes

I’ve been living on easy-street as far as cooking goes this week thanks to my double-batch cooking from last week.  The idea was to have a freezer full of leftovers on hand for lazy nights and emergencies, but I’ve done a pretty good job of clearing them out of the freezer this week.  The good news is I’ve had a relaxed week as far as meal planning goes, the bad news is that I’ll have to restock the freezer again!

You’ll notice that on a couple of days I hardly had anything for breakfast (tea & a peach) or skipped lunch after a mid-morning brunch.  I’m following the Paleo & Primal principle to only eat when you’re hungry so if I haven’t felt like a meal I’ve just gone with it.  You can read more about this on Mark’s Daily Apple here.

Foods marked with an (*) in the food journal are included in the ‘recipe links and more info’ section at the bottom of my 60 day challenge page.

Challenge 14 day recap food journal


On Pinterest?  I’ve been busy pinning new recipes to my Paleo : Primal Pinterest board.  You can follow it here.


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