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Recipe love

It’s that time of year – Christmas parties & catch-ups are filling the calendar and we’re all probably enjoying an extra tipple or two. 

I’m a bit fussy when it comes to alcoholic drinks and I really don’t have a ‘go to’ favourite but considering I’m well clear of the pregnancy and breastfeeding dry spell, I think it’s about time I started to kick up my cocktail heels and enjoy a few this festive season. 

So here’s my shopping list so far…

1.  Giggly rose cocktail –

Looks beautiful.  I’ll have to check with the hubby to see if our roses are ‘unsprayed’ first though…



2.  Sparkling apple sangria – Spoon Fork Bacon

I love the look of this & I’ll try anything with apple.



3.  Blueberry infused vodka lemonade – Keep it Simple Foods

Plan ahead – the blueberries soak for 12-24 hours.  Sounds dangerous!



4.  Triple berry mojitos – How Sweet Eats

More berries and more yum!



5.  Gumdrop cocktail –

Nice to look at and I love the colours.  I don’t think I can afford all those liqueurs though.



6.  Pink lemonade cocktail – Rosewater & Thyme

I’ve never tried limoncello but after a quick look on Google it’s on my list.  A very pretty drink.



7.  Champagne punch – Martha Stewart

A simple way to spruce up some champagne.



8.  Easy all occasion punch – Cocktail Remedy

Ginger ale & bitters – yes please!  Well worth a try.



9.  The Sidecar – Grapes & Grains

I tried this cocktail last New Years Eve and loved it, but I wasn’t in fine cocktail form and only made it through one!  At least I have everything I need in the cupboard already.  Best served with ice & chopped strawberries.



10.  Watermelon kegger – (via) Hither & Thither

How impressive is this?  And watermelon is only 99c/kg at the moment too!  I think I’d have a big party just so I could make this.



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