Make a long list…

Make a long list HLH

I love to make a list (it’s even in my 10 things about me!) and normally I just scribble it down on anything that’s handy – used envelopes, scraps of paper, the back of shopping receipts, my hand etc.  I’m not fussy.  But when I saw this little idea on Pinterest I knew it was just my thing.

It uses a scrap piece of wood, a receipt roll, a large clip, some ribbon, coloured or patterned paper and a rubber band to make a little notepad for an endless supply of list-making.  Yippee!  The best bit is that once you have your materials organised you can whip this baby together in less than 5.  Here’s how:

Make a long list - how to v1 HLH

Make a long list - how to v2

A quick note : the piece of wood I used was 30cm long by 9cm wide and 2cm thick.  I would recommend using wood that is between 1cm to 2cm thick (no thicker) otherwise you may have trouble finding a clip with a wide enough mouth to clip the wood.

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