Slow cooker caramelised onion dip

Slow cooker caramelised onion dip HLH

Day 13

This is going to sound completely crazy but just hear me out…

So I whipped up a batch of caramelised onions in the slow cooker, made this really nice dip and was snacking on it from the fridge all afternoon.  We were having steak for dinner that night and by now I was completely addicted, so I decided to put a big dollop of dip on top of my steak.  Umm… amazing!  Like a thick, creamy onion sauce.  Seriously, if you love caramelised onions it’s worth a try!

This recipe recommends using Paul Newman’s Own mayonnaise and that’s because this is by far the best flavoured mayonnaise I’ve ever found and it really does affect the taste of the recipe.  I don’t get paid to say that – it’s just my personal opinion.

Slow cooker caramelised onion dip recipe

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2 Responses to Slow cooker caramelised onion dip

  1. Leanda 14 October, 2012 at 7:01 am #

    I would never have thought to make onion dip with a slow cooker… Genius! All this makes me regret getting rid of my slow cooker last year… I never used it but I sure would be now I’m following you. Xx

  2. Maureen 18 October, 2012 at 5:20 am #

    I have wanted to know how to make caramelized onions – tried it once in a fry pan and they burned…this sounds perfect, even to just do the onion part, like you said, for sandwiches or pizza topping – yes! thank you.