All the little things

Even though it’s September and we’re starting to see hints of warmer weather, I haven’t been too focused on a Spring cleaning schedule – mainly because I feel like I haven’t stopped unpacking, reorganising and cleaning since we moved in 6 months ago!

There was, however, a long list of little things I have been meaning to do for ages.  So this weekend I got to it…

Drawer linings

Not particularly important but it makes the boys drawers a little bit more fun and special.

Drawer lining HLH


Extra storage

I finally bought some dark coloured baskets for on top of our glassware cabinet in the dining room.  I’m always looking for additional storage space and this is a simple solution.

Basket storage HLH


Bed coaster cups

No more rolling around on the floorboards!  Why on earth did it take 6 months to do this?

Bed coasters HLH


The unwanted poster

This poster was part of the mood board I created for the boys room.  I call it the ‘unwanted poster’ because when I told my 4yo what it said he cried “being a superhero is heaps better than being a brother!” and has insisted it be removed.  I explained that he can be both, but apparently he doesn’t agree.  The poster is staying for now.

Brother poster HLH


Unpacked pics

All of our hanging pictures and framed photos have been sitting in a box in the garage since we moved.  It’s amazing how much a house can feel more like a home once family photos are on show again.

Unpacked pics HLH

As for the hanging pictures, I started preparing the layout for the picture wall in the lounge room using baking paper.  (This isn’t finished by any means – I just got bored with all the cutting and rearranging…)

Picture wall layout HLH

Organised under the kitchen sink

We had a leak under the sink last week so it was a good time to completely empty the cupboards, clean it out and then reorganise everything a bit better.  For example, all of the boxes of wraps and foils are now on a wooden serving tray ($10 from Kmart) that can slide in and out like a drawer.  Easy!  I also added wire baskets to the inside of the doors for spray bottles and sponges plus a new basket for tea towels.

Under sink organised HLH

Plastic bag tidy

We have a little cupboard under the pantry that had become a mess of mixing bowls and plastic bags.  Not any more!

Plastic bag holder HLH


Never finished…

As quickly as I’m crossing all the little things off the list new ones will appear.  But it feels good to have some progress!

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2 Responses to All the little things

  1. A bear made this 18 September, 2012 at 10:09 pm #

    I love the idea of using a wooden tray like a draw to hold wraps and foils, neat.

  2. Dawn 25 September, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    You are amazing!!! Please come and sort out my disaster of a kitchen!!!