Garlic roasted brussels sprouts

Garlic roasted brussels sprouts HLH

Now before you do a little spew-burp in your throat and move on to another blog, please just hear me out…


Until about 3 months ago I hadn’t eaten brussels sprouts since I was choking them down as a kid.  You know the ones – boiled until they were grey and smelt like old socks.

These are nothing like that.  They’re golden roasted, with lashings of olive oil, garlic and bacon and they taste finger-lickin’ good.

I’m on the brussels sprouts band-wagon and enjoying as many as I can before their season ends this month.  And if you’re an adult who still screws their nose up at these little green cabbages, you should at least give them a try.

Garlic roasted brussels sprouts recipe

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There are oodles of brussels sprouts recipes out there, so if you don’t like mine maybe one of these might tempt you:

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