Forget-me-not organiser

Forget me not organiser v2

I’ve been uncharacteristically forgetful lately – late payment of bills, misplacing important papers, forgetting to post our Quickflix DVDs(gasp!).  My husband says it’s a sign that I’m trying to juggle too many things at the moment and it pains me to say that he might be right.  But my reluctance to let any of my juggled projects drop means that the only other option is to get myself a bit more organised.

The paper pile shuffle

I feel like I don’t have a ‘dumping spot’ in this little house.  You know that place where you can dump paperwork that you need to deal with soon, but not right this minute.  I guess this is where an office or study would come in handy!  Everything was getting piled on the kitchen bench, but our lack of bench space meant that my paper pile was getting shuffled around, split up, then forgotten.  Then a second pile would start and eventually get moved, then a third would start… you get the idea.

So I came up with an inexpensive wall-hanging organiser that is part pin board and part temporary filing spot.  It has a clipboard for bills to be paid, a compartment for mail to be posted/sorted and a pin board area for little notes and important pieces.

So far it’s working brilliantly!  I see it every morning and I can do a quick check of what needs to be done.  It’s hanging on the wall in our bedroom so I used a beautiful textured fabric that compliments our colour-scheme – so with or without papers it still looks pretty good.  Here’s what it looks like blank:

Forget me not organiser blank HLH

Total cost = $30

Blank art canvas = $6 (45cm x 60cm)
Craft wadding = $3
Fabric = $8
Clipboard for bills = $2
Brochure holder for mail = $11
Staple gun, nuts, bolts & washers = I raided hubby’s toolbox


Would you like to give it a go yourself?  I’ve put together an instruction page to show you how this came together and what materials were used.  If you can see a quicker/easier way of doing things then by all means – this was a spur of the moment project so I was wingin’ it most of the way through.

[ Click here to print instructions ]

Hints & tips :

>  Be very careful when drilling holes in the Perspex clipboard and mail holder as it will crack very easily.  Take it slow and start with the smallest drill bit then gradually built up to the right size for the bolts you are using.
>  I found the easiest way to make a hole through the fabric layers in preparation for the nut and bolt was to gently twist a screw through with a screwdriver.  You won’t need to apply a lot of pressure and make sure you go slowly and watch that your fabric threads don’t start to pull.
>  The washers on the back will stop the nut from being pulled through the canvas.

Forget me not organiser closeup HLH

Happy organising!

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2 Responses to Forget-me-not organiser

  1. Dee 21 August, 2012 at 9:08 pm #

    Looks great. I love the idea of adding a clipboard and a brochure holder so it’s more than just a pin board. xx

  2. hellolittlehouse 30 August, 2012 at 1:14 pm #

    Thanks Dee! It really is working well and is such a tidy little go-to spot for all my messy papers.