Current style… blaaagh

Our main bedroom desperately needs a makeover.  I mean desperately.  It seems to have made the transition from ‘peaceful sanctuary’ to ‘dumping ground for house overflow’.  There’s too little storage, we’re not utilising the space we have and it needs a large dose of creativity and personality.

If I could sum up its current style in one word it would be… blaaagh.

But living in this little house means that there is a flow-on effect for making new space and reorganising – it’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle that needs to be shuffled around piece by piece.  This is where I really miss having a spare room to dump things in temporarily!  Here’s the shuffle plan :

1.  Our two little men move into the same room
2.  Empty room becomes toy room (& storage space)
3.  Small wardrobe from our room moves into toy room (for Winter coats etc.)
4.  New larger wardrobes installed & makeover for main bedroom

Step one : boys room

To do list :
– Donate &/or Ebay baby items
– Reorganise clothes storage
– Decorate (this is the fun bit!)

We’ll be moving the boys in together in the next few weeks, so in the meantime I’m clearing out baby clothes and toys and looking at creative ways to decorate their room.  Here’s my mood board :

Boys room mood board

I don’t want a specific colour theme, just a mix of boyish colours – blue, green, red, white.  I also don’t want a specific character theme, just a mix of all the things they love – superheroes, pirates, cars, teddies.  We already have the dark stain chest of drawers.

Obviously this isn’t going to happen overnight, so I’ll keep you posted with our progress.  Time to get busy!

Photos sources : chest of drawers / bunting / superhero phrase (via applejackdesigns) / wall letter / pirate ship

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