Recipe love : beef mince

Recipe love

I love to collect recipes.  I have hundreds of them tagged in recipe books, bookmarked on the computer, filed in recipe folders.  I collect them like some people might collect stamps (each to their own!?).

It’s pretty clear though that even if I cooked, photographed and blogged three meals a day for the next 2 years I still wouldn’t get through them all.  Not to mention all the new recipes I keep adding to the pile.  So I thought I would share the recipe love with links through to my latest & favourite finds.

Some I’ve tried, some I haven’t, some are just here to inspire…

1.  Meatloaf cupcakes – First Look, Then Cook

I just love these.  So clever and beautifully photographed.  These are definitely on the list of dinners to make for my boys.



2.  Five spice meatballs with plum sauce –

I’ve tried this one and we all really enjoyed it.  There didn’t seem to be enough sauce to flavour the rice though, so next time I’ll increase the sauce quantities.



3.  Easy enchiladas –

I’ll try anything remotely Mexican.



4.  Homemade hamburgers – Julie Goodwin

Homemade hamburgers are a staple in our house.  I’ll post my own recipe at some point, but in the meantime you can’t go wrong with Julie Goodwin.



5.  Indian rice pilaf with spicy mince – Hello Little House (of course!)

Shamelessly tootin’ my own horn…

Indian rice pilaf


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