Kettle clean

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The last time I took a good look at the inside of my kettle was probably (more than) a few years ago when I removed the packaging to use it for the first time.  How dirty can a kettle get anyway?  It boils water so it’s self cleaning, right?  Um, no.

Right now I’m hoping my kettle scum hasn’t been floating around in my tea all this time.  Or maybe it’s been adding a new dimension to the flavour?  Maybe Lipton is going to call me to commission a new tea sensation – Kettle Grime with a hint of Scum?  Mmmmm, gunna be a big seller!

Kettle clean

[ Photo sources : kettle, vinegar, baby oil ]


I think I’ve earned a cup of tea from my sparkling clean kettle.  While we’re talking tea… how clever is this?  Choc-dipped teabag biscuits.  Gorgeous!


You can see this and more at my tea tribute board on Pinterest – ‘white with no sugar please’.

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