Curried chicken pies

Curried chicken pies HLH

I’m heading interstate this weekend and these little pies will be my carry-on luggage.  Confused?

I’m visiting my Dad (who’s living the bachelor life for a couple of weeks) and wanted to take some comforting, home-style cooking with me.  These pies freeze beautifully so they are the perfect thing to take on my short flight.  I made them on the weekend and they are already frozen and ready to go.  I’ll just wrap them in newspaper, then in a towel and pop them in my hand luggage.  As long as I don’t strike any extraordinarily long flight delays, they’ll be fine.

I’m also taking some frozen homemade lasagne, chocolate coconut slice and short notice slice.  That should keep him going for a little while!

Curried chicken pies recipe

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2 Responses to Curried chicken pies

  1. paula 31 July, 2012 at 4:20 pm #

    i’ve been thinking about chicken pies lately, I think I’ll make this, yup gonna make it x

  2. Jodie 31 July, 2012 at 7:39 pm #

    This sounds fabulous. Will be perfect for a cold night which we are having in spades in Rocky at the moment. I’m sure your Dad will love the food and company.