Balsamic chicken with limes

Grilled balsamic chicken with limes v2 HLH

I’m in a citrus kind of mood, so it was only natural that I add a little to my cooking this week.

The caramelised lime was really refreshing and a total novelty with the boys.  My 4 year old shredded the chicken, pressed each piece into the lime and devoured an entire piece himself.  At this age dinnertime can be a bit hit-and-miss, so it was great to see him enjoy this so much.

Grilled balsamic chicken with limes recipe

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UPDATE : if you are questioning the cooking time of this recipe, please note that I have updated the recipe to include the first step of cutting the chicken breasts through the middle to make two thinner breasts out of one.  This greatly reduces the cooking time.  Sorry, for any confusion!

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