Outward order for my inner peace

I’ve always suspected it, but now that I’m a stay at home mum I am completely convinced that there is a direct link between the state of my house and the state of my mind.  Clear kitchen benches, washing put away, bills paid, paperwork filed and it’s like I just stepped off a plane from the Maldives (okay, maybe that’s stretching it, but it feels pretty good).  When the house is chaotic and I can’t find what I’m looking for I get short-tempered, stressed and always end up with a twitch in my eye.

Putting things in their place has become my (cheap) therapy and it’s a very calming activity for me.  Crazy I know, but whatever works! 

I’ll be talking more about some rules for keeping organised at a later date, but one mantra I follow is ‘everything in it’s place’.  But where this simple system begins to completely fall apart is if the thing you’re trying to put away doesn’t actually have a place, or if the place it lives in just isn’t working.

For example…

Tripping over shoes

In our old house with a walk-in robe, our shoes weren’t a problem.  Each day we kicked off our shoes in the walk-in robe and they were out of sight and out of ‘tripping over’ range in the hallway/entryway.  In this little house we barely have wardrobes let alone a walk-in one, so shoe storage has become a bit of a problem. 

Their first home was at the bottom of our teeny tiny wardrobes, but stumbling around in the dark recesses of the wardrobe looking for a matching pair of shoes was just annoying enough that we stopped putting them away all together.  Instead they were left at the front door, at the end of the bed or in the lounge room.  Anything to avoid rattling around in that wardrobe!

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A quick search of Pinterest and there are many great shoe storage solutions, but this Ikea Hemnes shoe cupboard appealed to me the most because it ticked all the right boxes:

  • Narrow enough to suit our small hallway/entryway
  • White to brighten up this dark space
  • A simple style that would transfer easily to a different house
  • Inexpensive


Shoe storage with text HLH

My setup isn’t nearly as pretty, but I can work on the decorating at a later point.  In the meantime it has solved a pesky shoe problem and freed up some valuable space in our wardrobe.  Plus an unexpected bonus has been the pure joy my little men get from having their own shelf in the bottom drawer where they can put away or get out their own shoes.  It makes them feel very independent and important!


PS. Please forgive the atrocious lighting in this photo.  Our entryway is quite dark and no amount of additional light could make this photo work.  But I’m sure you get the idea.  And in case you’re wondering, that’s Little Pig – our doorstop – and he has saved me from getting locked out of the house many times.

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