My little pantry makeover

Pantry makeover shelf after

A little house  =  a little kitchen  =  a little pantry  =  no room for being disorganised.

But disorganised I was!  I just couldn’t get my cooking mojo on in this new house and I suspected that my chaotic pantry was the culprit.  I had been so busy unpacking the rest of the house that my pantry was suffering from a serious case of neglect. 

Pantry makeover collage B&A

But not anymore!

Pantry makeover collage v2

Here’s how I tackled the chaos :

  • I headed to my local $2 shop and bought a dozen mason jars, half a dozen large barrel jars and half a dozen square jars (totalled less than $70)
  • Beans, grains, dried fruit & nuts went into mason jars and onto the shelf above the fridge (I relocated the nic-nacs and junk)
  • Bulk ingredients including rolled oats, sugar and flours went into the large barrel jars
  • Rices, noodles and spaghetti went into the square jars
  • I checked the expiry date on everything in the pantry and threw away what I wasn’t brave enough to risk
  • I added a Hungry Caterpillar cookie jar
  • I transferred all of my baking supplies and bulk ingredient overflows into the storage tubs on the top shelf (these were now mostly empty because of the removed beans, grains, dried fruit & nuts)


I was surprised how much space was created by removing all of the food packaging.

Also, when I’m shopping I stick to my meal plan (more on this in a later post!) so I’m not buying excess supplies that won’t be used up in the week ahead.  This means I’m not wasting valuable space with things I don’t really need.

I did this makeover almost 2 months ago and I feel like it hasn’t taken any effort to maintain.  And more importantly – I’ve got my cooking mojo back!

Time to tackle your pantry?

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5 Responses to My little pantry makeover

  1. Katie 13 September, 2012 at 9:33 pm #


    I’ve dropped by your blog as I am planning a blog of my own and will likely have the boys at The Blog Desingers work their magic on it for me.

    I just had to comment on this post because I am a pantry organising fiend just like you!
    And nobody else has commented… and I’m sure that you put a lot of effort and love into the organising of your pantry and the composing of the accompanying post!

    It deserves a high five, and a celebratory tea and bikkie 🙂

    I love unpacking my groceries each week then standing back and admiring my neat and tidy pantry. It feels me with shameless joy!

  2. hellolittlehouse 18 September, 2012 at 9:27 am #

    Thanks for dropping by! I think I’m most surprised by how easy it is to maintain my pantry. Everything has a place so it doesn’t take a lot of effort to keep it tidy. Happy organising & best of luck with your blog adventures!

  3. Tina 26 October, 2012 at 9:24 pm #

    Looks good!

  4. Jessica 8 September, 2013 at 11:35 am #

    We’ve moved into a new house and we don’t have a huge pantry like we used to, just little cupboards. So my kitchen storage space looks a lot your ‘totally disorganised’ picture…but maybe worse. Thanks for showing me there IS a way to get all of that under control…I am definitely going to spend the little bit of extra money to get it done! (Before I lose my sanity!)

  5. hellolittlehouse 8 October, 2013 at 7:47 pm #

    Good luck with your pantry reorganising Jessica!