Homemade gift for new mums

Homemade gift lasagne

When I was a new mum, those first few days / weeks / months were a total blur – 3 hourly feeds, endless nappy changes, the sleep deprivation, never-ending housework… the list continues.

One thing I remember clearly though is how much I appreciated the homemade meals that were given to us by family and friends.  Those days when the thought of cooking dinner seemed too overwhelming, I could just pull a meal out of the freezer and hit ‘defrost’.

Now it’s my time to share the love, so homemade meals are my gift of choice for those friends who are heading home with their darling bundles of joy.

I think it’s important that the dish becomes part of the gift because the last thing a new mum wants to worry about is washing and returning crockery within a socially-acceptable amount of time.  By picking up a beautiful lasagne dish on sale, this was a valuable gift that didn’t stretch our limited budget too far.

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