Greek salad bites

Greek salad bites with text HLH

This isn’t so much a recipe but rather a brilliant little idea.  In our house we call these ‘the man salad’ because they are the first thing my husband requests whenever we host a BBQ and every time they are served they are eaten by the dozen by the men and kids. 

In fact, you can see one of my little monkeys hovering in the background waiting to pounce…

Greek salad bites v2 HLH

Just one more minute little one!

Because they are such a novelty for the kids, they also make a quick and easy lunch during the week.  My little monkeys love to be involved in the preparation too but the olives tend to go missing before they make it onto the toothpicks.

Greek salad bites recipe

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PS. If this post seems familiar, you may have seen it on my original blog ‘eat with nat’.  I will be transferring some of these recipes over to Hello Little House.

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