Lemon drop biscuits

Lemon drops v1 - Hello Little House

I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly crumbly and buttery these little lemon drops were.  And when I say crumbly, I mean that you should eat them with a dust buster within easy reach.  The just melt away on your tongue and even the men in the house (big and little) were knocking these back quicker than you could say ‘crumbs’. 

This very simple recipe is straight from Julie Goodwin’s Gather cookbook and, not surprisingly, it worked perfectly the first time.

Lemon drops v2 - Hello Little House

Lemon drops recipe

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Moroccan chicken with avocado sauce

Oh how I love it when a super quick and simple recipe turns out to be just as good or better than expected, and this was one of them.  Chicken, avocado and bacon are a match made in heaven and we all loved this meal.  Next time I would probably cook extra bacon though because […]

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Mountain meatballs

I might be a city girl now, but I grew up a long way from here in coal mining towns in Central Queensland.  Looking back there were good and bad things about growing up in the sticks, but one of my most favourite memories is my Dad cooking dinners in the camp oven over an […]

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What’s in the archives?

It’s easy to lose track of the recipes I’ve posted on Hello Little House, so these last couple of weeks I’ve made the effort to look through my recipe archives and get reacquainted with some of my favourites.  Here’s what I’ve been cooking and falling in love with all over again… Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts […]

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Back to the blog

Yes, I’m still here!  No, I haven’t been lost forever!  I know I disappeared there for a bit and I’m sorry to have left you for so long, but I think it’s finally the right time for me to get back to the blog.  I’ve missed you all, I’ve missed my blog.  I’ve missed cooking […]

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Breaking, entering & learning…

Not quite 2 years ago I left the house for 20 minutes and came home to find the place ransacked and most of our valuables gone.  Thankfully my sons and I were safe and we didn’t meet the burglar on his way out the door, but it was only after this happened that I realised […]

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Homemade muesli slice

This simple slice is another that has made it’s way onto my favourites list (along with this one and this one).  I make it for the boys to have as a lunchbox snack instead of highly processed muesli bars (have you seen those crazy, hard to pronounce ingredients?).  I especially love that I only have […]

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60 day challenge : 60 days & beyond!

In all honesty this has felt like the 60 days that never ended!  There was that little pause around week 6 where I took a break because of illness, and then I reached a point where I was just sick of talking about it and the thought of sitting down to write this update sounded […]

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The brain dump list

Meet my ultimate stress relief and brain saver.  The brain dump list.  We’ve all been there – you’re treading water and feel like you’re about to drown in the hundreds of things that are weighing on your mind.  At night, you lie awake listening to a brain that won’t stop buzzing and wonder if you’ll […]

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Baked peaches with blueberries

I’ve had this simple recipe tucked away for a while now so when I saw peaches on special last week I thought it was the perfect opportunity to use some of the harder fruits in a delicious dessert.  The sweetness of the peach with the tart Greek yoghurt was beautiful.  Definitely a dessert I’ll be […]

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